Richmond’s Small Town Charm Offers Hope & Optimism

 Ann and I just went over to the Libbie Market to grab a quick bite to take back to the office. The wonderful thing about Richmond is the fact that almost anywhere you go you are all but certain to run into someone you know. Well today is no exception. We ran into a friend of mine from college. She owns and manages a small placement firm that specializes in finding work for mostly mothers that have so much to contribute to the work force, but also wish to manage their families in addition to generating an income.

 The almost unexpected thing came out of our conversation when I asked how her business has been. She, by the way, has adorable twin boys that you can imagine demand much of her attention. Regardless, she said business has been amazingly good. She continued to say that the number of people she places has been great, and, here is the really wonderful news, that the number of companies contacting her for help has also increased this summer.

 After all the negativity and hesitance I get when asking “how’s business”, I was momentarily shocked by her response. Then delight and confidence seem to fill up inside me as if to say, “see, there are good things happening in the work force today; I wonder why we don’t hear more stories like this one from our media outlets?”

 I like getting the good news and spreading the word about good fortune and hope. It makes me feel good, and I like feeling good. Hopefully this will inspire you have a great day and pass on your good news to others, increase your productivity, and improve your business. Who knows, this small town might just start a trend that proves a positive approach to living can jump-start our economy. I’m firmly committed to it, how about you?

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