Where do you need help in Real Estate Sales & Service?

   I enjoyed a Realtor coaching call today. We all need guidance in our lives when expecting to perform at a high level. It’s the same for athletes, musicians, or businesses – success doesn’t come without practice and rehearsal – why should buying or selling a home be any different?

   First, decide to get help. Find a Realtor with whom you want to engage. There is a personality out there that will work better for you than others. The more you understand this, the better outcome you’re going to have, and the entire experience will leave you feeling like you got exactly what you needed.

   Secondly, set the stage. Your Realtor will work best for you when you are able to communicate what you’re looking for without reservation. Don’t hold back; be honest about what you’re seeking. Like any good business relationship, leave nothing to chance. Develop a concluding scenario that meets your needs. Share it with your Realtor and grow into it together. A good agent will feed off your positive energy and get you where you want to be.

   Look for the opportunity within every interaction; each difficulty is a chance to improve. This may be especially true for buyers facing low inventory and stiff competition, or sellers who perceive excess value when their house isn’t selling in a hot market. Build on the previous experience and let your trusted Realtor be the voice that effectively guides you through the process.

   Finally, turn your needs into meaningful results by using a Realtor who is uniquely educated and trained to get you the outcome you desire. If fear comes from not knowing about something, then find the Realtor who provides you with the answers you require to be successful. Turn that fear into trust.

Let us be the coach and advisor for your next real estate transaction.

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