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Perspective is a Wonderful Thing

It’s Friday Afternoon. We are looking into what will be a busy weekend. While it’s exciting to be working with some wonderful people, I still have to take a deep breath and gear up for the fact that for us Saturday and Sunday will be a continuation of the work-week.

Perspective is a wonderful thing. Ann and I attended a funeral yesterday. It was out of town so we had the chance to talk for two hours each way in the car. Going down we just caught up with each other. As if we hadn’t had a moment together alone for weeks – even though we work together in the same small office every day!

The memorial service was was amazing. It was a beautiful tribute to a man that had a wonderful life, full of blessings. Not only did he enjoy all that was available to him, but he gave back to people in the most kind and generous ways imaginable. He was selfless, always appreciating his family and friends, and doing whatever he could to help others. The man was filled wit the Holy Spirit and lived through the word of God – but as is should be, in humble and unassuming ways, doing for others, never asking what was in it for him.

On the way home we reflected on the day, the service, and the people who helped us understand this special man.  We should all be so lucky to live a life like this; then to leave this world and be memorialized with nothing but good memories and loving thoughts. It was truly a celebration of life and love. It was a reminder of what we are all here to do.

Perspective is a wonderful thing!

Architecture and Real Estate – a blend that works for our Clients

Ideas we develop for our clients needs










Ann and I consider our professional experience in design, construction, and architecture to be a seamless benefit to the clients we help to buy and sell real estate – Real Property.

Many people don’t initially grasp the subtle advantages they receive when working with us, or how our design and architectural expertise within the Richmond real estate business separates us from our competition.

We’ve been involved with residential construction and design since 1986, a licensed Architect since 1995, a licensed Realtor since 2002, and we are both Associate Brokers; these complementary and overlapping disciplines have created for us a unique and specialized knowledge in our field. We share these assets with the people we work. Together with our client-centered approach to business, we deliver the “Service You Deserve & Expect” in your real estate transaction.

We like to ask the question, “What makes a house a home?” The answer is likely to be different for everyone. We help you to explore this subject, as well as the multitude of other considerations we face in real estate sales and service. This is true on both sides of the transaction, weather buying a home or selling a house. It’s important to understand “objections”; we have the ability for one to overcome them by turning them into “opportunities”.

It’s one thing to talk to a knowledgeable sales person about “possibilities” that may exist at a property; it’s quite another experience to discuss practical and achievable solutions, which meet your particular needs, with a qualified and licensed design professional.

A home is more than just a structure, no matter what the style. The essence of architecture is what makes a house so personal. There is a certain feeling that good design embodies – it’s the fundamental ingredient in what makes a house a home – the perceptible difference that you may wish to consider during your next real estate transaction!