The Perfect Day for Not Working Real Estate!


I’m watching Baseball – the little guys – instead of working real estate during what is usually my most productive time of day. My ten-year-old has a late game on a Monday afternoon at Byrd Park Little League in Richmond, Virginia. The weather is perfect; there’s no humidity, a gentle breeze, plenty of soft sunshine, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. It is a delightful spring afternoon on the cusp of summer. The pool is open, and school is just letting out for the year. We only have one of two more games before it ends and we’ll be off to do something else.


The kids are young, and just as uncoordinated and care-free as I was back then. They would rather pick at the grass and make dust clouds than pay attention to the game. They have no idea what’s ahead for them, they are simply living life in the moment.


How great is that! I can’t help but ask myself the question, “how often does this happen in my life today?” I am thankful for the moment of peaceful reflection and wish there were more opportunities to be in the moment, just like this one is for me.


I’m watching baseball, wishing I were ten years old again, even if only for the afternoon.



Source: John VanderSyde is an Associate Broker with Virginia Properties, A Long & Foster Company, and is also a Licensed Architect. You can learn more about John and Ann VanderSyde by visiting

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