What are Essential Tools for the Home?

Re-posted from: RTD Ask the Expert article 5/8/13

Richmond Times Dispatch Article - What are Essential Tools for the Home?

     Experienced Homeowners may assemble a “tool box” by adding drivers and wrenches over time. This usually happens when something is needed for a project around the home. Several years and a few adventures later, before you know it, the origins of a workshop have evolved. New homeowners, on the other hand, may sometimes need a place to start.

If you have recently purchased a home, or if you are looking for a great first-time homeowner gift, there are some fairly good utility tool kits available from your favorite hardware store. They usually include all the essentials for the little projects we inherit with every home. Beyond the basics, a quality drill, saw and a palm sander are a few items that will come in very handy. Our BLOG has a complete list of tool box essentials.

The price and quality-range for tools is significant – if you intend to do only a little home repair work yourself, spend only a little; if you plan to do more, spend more. Good quality tools will last a lifetime and will be worth the expense. If you know someone who is particular about their tools, a gift certificate works nicely too. But remember, I’ve known folks to lose the entire day looking at tools & equipment, deliberately wondering the isles of the hardware store – namely ME! Have a plan when you go shopping and stick to it.

We also know that not all home owners are created equally. Be realistic in the jobs you choose to tackle at home. Keep in mind that permits may be necessary. It’s always a good idea to check with a professional contractor and the local building authorities when considering which jobs to tackle. If it’s outside your comfort zone, then pay someone qualified to do it for you. I’m willing to bet your Realtor has a list of quality contractors and handymen you can use just for the asking.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy your tools!

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