What is it That Makes the House a HOME?

Do pedals and the smell of flowering blossoms nestled closely to a stable foundation in springtime make the house a home?

Is it the color one picks inside and out to express their personal lifestyle during summer’s height the thing that makes a house a home?

Perhaps it is the freshly refinished hardwood floor, carpets, furniture, lighting, or all the little knick knacks one acquires in autumn that determines a home?

Or could it be the warmth from a winter’s hearth which breathes life into a house during special moments at the fireside that defines a home?

Surely it must be the sound of once echoing voices, the patter of little feet and paws, or the love given and received under the security of a dry roof that creates the home?

Ultimately, we borrow the things that make a house a home to which we once belonged; and if we are fortunate, the HOME willingly passes these cozy little spirits on from one family to the next, even if it was never intended.

That’s what makes the house a HOME!

By:   John VanderSyde    5/8/13

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