Is a Realtor’s Guidance Reliable in a changing Real Estate Market?

One of the most difficult times for buyers and sellers to make informed decisions on pricing, or making or responding to offers, is during perceived variations in the Real Estate market. It is relatively easy for Realtors to guide buyers and sellers when there is consistency in the marketplace. It’s a bit more of a challenge to gauge changing trends when things are in flux. As in all aspects of life, there is often a sense of uncertainty when things are moving away from what had been the norm, as seems to be true today.

The answer is “Yes”; rely on your Realtor during these ever-changing times. Statistics confirm that sales are on the rise, and despite the knowledge that these changes are being compared to the “down market” of last year, these numbers will most assuredly continue to rise. These statistics support the rally-cry of economist who are carefully monitoring the new horizon of future housing improvements. Your Realtor is the one closest to the daily action, and can respond most knowledgably to your questions and housing needs.

The latest numbers also convey to buyers that it remains a good time to purchase a home. All reports predict, if not confirm, that interest rates will remain low, making it extremely affordable to borrow money. And even though inventory is relatively low, it remains, at least for the moment, a “buyer’s market”. As for Sellers, well they are currently offering housing products at realistic prices. In many cases homes are presented in move-in ready condition, and often with numerous upgrades. Furthermore, the terms and conditions negotiated through the aid of a Realtor ensure that both parties will reach their common goal of buying and selling a home.

There is little doubt that we are going to continue to see positive trends of change in the housing market. By all accounts, when moving forward, we will enjoy a very different real estate experience than we have come to expect during the last several years. While change is not easy to grasp, the best source for reliable housing information continues to be from the Realtors who are in the market every day. Realtors have their fingers on the pulse of buying and selling homes, even when it happens to be an irregular pulse.

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