Inviting Signs of Hospitality

The following came from a real estate agent friend of mine. I’m not sure of the actual origin, but I like it enough to want to share it.

   Often called the Colonial symbol of hospitality, the pineapple was once considered the most exotic of all tropical fruits that a seafaring captain could bring back home from his voyage to the islands of the West Indies. It is said that in New England a returning mariner would spear a pineapple on his front gate, thus announcing to friends and neighbors his return from the sea, and that all were welcomed to visit. Often friends would be invited over to sample a pineapple treat, which was seen as the warmest of welcomes. As a result, the pineapple has been an enduring symbol of hospitality ever since this tradition was established.

This is true in our Richmond, Virginia neighborhood, and we have seen it in many others as well. It’s always fun to discover where traditions originate. Why not share this friendly tale the next time you visit a neighbor with a brass pineapple door-knocker and see what results!

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